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DaveHelton.com - Home
Saturday, 09 August 2014 00:00

Dave is now a burnt chip

Written by


....and has let go the magic smoke.

Sorry to be so flippant about this, but as you know, Dave had a penchant for the irreverant and I wish to post "in theme" with his humorous and engaging delivery.



My VERY good friend Dave passed away 7/2/2014 and entrusted me to administer this site in his stead and I thought that those that visit this site should know that its founder and major contributor will no longer be updating its content.


I knew him for over a decade, wish I would have known him sooner in our lives, and miss him a great deal.


Dave had many and varied interests ranging far and wide. Ham radio, computing, electronics, golf, esoteric 70's rock music, anime, and good food were just a few things in his large lexicon of understanding.

I, unfortunately, do not have his accumen with microcontrollers and most things electrical (I like herding electrons from screen-side in an administrative type of capacity). I would like to update this site with new and interesting content but I just don't have the knowledge to do so in the way that Dave made you all accustomed to.

This site will be available for at least 1 more year but I highly suggest if there is any content on here that you would want to reference in the future that you save that webpage to your local machine to make sure you have the info later.


Monday, 05 May 2014 00:00

PIC18F4550 Dev Board v1.2

Written by

After working on version 1.0 for a while I realized there were a few shortcomings in the design. Not show stoppers by any means, but features that were handy to have on the board... not on a peripheral. Version 1.0 worked as intended and is running a temperature monitor and RTCC continuously as I write this. There was not a flaw on the board, I am really happy with it.

Saturday, 03 May 2014 00:00

New Home

Written by

DaveHelton.com is at it's new home on GoDaddy Hosting service.

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